The small-town diner where locals catch up over club sandwiches and french toast

When talking about the most iconic New Jersey food items, it doesn’t get any more iconic than classic diner grub. Yes, we’re not the only state with diners, but there’s something special about a New Jersey diner, if you ask me! Even better, many of New Jersey’s best diners are located well out of the way, hidden from tourists and frequented by locals who love them best. One of those diners also happens to be the best diner near Cape May – Marge’s Diner. Located in the rural area of Dennis Township, not far from the Ocean City metro area home to the Cape May County Park and Zoo, it has a population of around 6,200 – and many of them can be found bellying up to Marge’s Diner every morning! This diner’s hours are limited, only being open from 7 AM to 2 PM, but one bite of their breakfast and lunch treats makes clear why it’s so popular!

Dennis Township is one of the most laid-back areas of Cape May County, known for its parks and historic architecture.

The mailing address is in Cape May Court House, but the residents are proud to lay claim to Marge’s Diner – a quaint backroads restaurant with a sense of humor. That slogan of “Eat Here, Get Gas” certainly speaks for itself!




Inside, though, this diner doesn’t feel like a classic Jersey diner – it feels more like a visit to an old country home, and the staff’s personal touch adds to that.

This is a doggedly old-school place – you’ll still find the breakfast and lunch specials written on a dry-erase board. The restaurant is only open 7 to 2.

For breakfast, dig into diner classics like omelets, toast, and those crispy-fried breakfast meats we all love.

Of course, if your breakfast tastes trend more sweet, Marge’s Diner surprises with a wide variety of French Toast. This is bananas foster!

For lunch, the menu trends towards classic sandwiches and burgers, but no matter what you eat, you’ll leave satisfied.

Have you visited Marge’s Diner in Dennis Township? Tell us all about your visit to the best diner near Cape May in the comments section! The diner keeps a low profile online, but the Facebook page of Marge’s Diner is regularly updated. The area is also home to one of New Jersey’s most unique budget hotels, the Hyland Motor Inn.