The Adorable Children’s Bookstore In New Jersey, The Curious Reader, Is Every Bookworm’s Dream

With the popularity of online booksellers, it can be harder and harder to find a classic neighborhood bookstore these days. Thankfully, New Jersey is carrying on this tradition loved by avid readers everywhere – and in Glen Rock, you can even find a store entirely dedicated to the youngest readers out there! The Curious Reader, a quaint nook of a shop, is the best children’s bookstore in NJ, and every inch of the store is packed with charm and whimsy. Not only is the store filled with books of every genre and suitable for all ages, but it has some friendly residents that kids would love to take home with them – not to mention regular storytime events! There is no better time to get kids into reading than when they’re young, so come on down to The Curious Reader and kick-off a life-long love of books.

The multi-colored awning at The Curious Reader lets you know up front that this is a place with a lot of whimsy.

Inside, it’s brightly lit and full of fun little touches. It’s definitely not your average bookstore simply packed with shelves.

Keep an eye out for the Reading Castle, topped with a furry friend. The store also sells a popular line of puppets, so you can take one home!

Just about every genre of book imaginable can be found here, including multilingual options and poetry.

It’s not just a bookstore, either – its a gathering space, as authors frequently drop by for storytime.

This is often an interactive affair, with art displays and other ways for gets to get involved.

Heck, you never know who might be attending storytime at the Curious Reader – some of the presenters are pretty doggone cute!

Have you visited The Curious Reader in Glen Rock? Let us know what you thought of this charming children’s bookstore in NJ. You can visit the bookstore’s website and Facebook page to find out what the upcoming events are. If you’re looking for a more adult-oriented bookstore, consider this book-and-coffee day trip in Hoboken.