Some say that hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen, and that certainly appears to be the case based on the kitchen hardware trend predictions for 2024.

Say goodbye to sleek finishes, simplistic silhouettes, and purely utilitarian design. This year, designers predict that homeowners will have fun when buying kitchen hardware, using it to infuse some serious personality and charm into their kitchens.

Here are six kitchen hardware trends to watch out for in 2024, according to interior designers.

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    Gold cabinet pulls with texture.
    Rebecca Rollins Interiors

    Across the board, designers agree that textured finishes are set to be one of the biggest kitchen hardware trends of 2024. Say goodbye to sleek finishes and hello to hammered, brushed, and knurled finishes on both knobs and pulls.

    David Mason, founder of Knobs.co, a retailer of cabinet hardware, predicts that matte textured finishes in particular will reign supreme.

    “The combination of matte finish and texture adds depth, visual interest, and a touch of luxury to any kitchen,” Mason says. “Expect to see these trending in both modern and traditional kitchens.”

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    Kitchen with leather pulls instead of hardware.
    The Home Consultant

    A shift towards artisanal, handcrafted pieces has been a consistent trend in interior design over the past few years and we can expect to see that translate into kitchen hardware this year as well. Not only do these pieces add a sense of individuality to any space, but they can contribute to a warm and welcoming feel too.

    “As I can see, the trend of unique, artisanal, and handcrafted designs is gaining popularity in kitchen hardware,” says Mason. “Expect to see intricate designs, textures, and materials being used in kitchen hardware such as brass, copper, wood, and even leather.”

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    Farmhouse kitchen with mixed metal hardware.
    Becca Interiors

    Mixing metals throughout the home has been increasingly popular and the experts don’t expect it to fall out of favor in 2024. Mark Cutler, cofounder of CutlerSchulze, an interior design firm based in Los Angeles predicts that homeowners will continue to mix metal finishes in the kitchen for a warmer, more eclectic look than the traditional matchy aesthetic.

    “People are searching for comfort and approachability and using mixed metals creates kitchens that feel lived in and curated,” Cutler says.

    As far as metal choices go, we’re not just talking about gold and silver here. “There will be more patina copper, flamed bronze, and rich texturing all blended with the usual stainless steel and nickel,” he says. “The rule now is: there is no rule!”

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    Elegant white kitchen with gold cabinet knobs.
    Kate Marker Interiors

    Sleek pulls have been in style for the past several years, but this year designers expect to see a shift in preference towards knobs.

    “My forecast calls for fewer pulls and more knobs in all different colors and textures, which are more versatile, less expensive, and easy to change up depending on the mood or season,” says Shani Core, founder and principal designer of Shani Core Interiors based in Palm Beach, Florida.

    In line with most of the trend predictions on this list, Core predicts that fun, colorful, and textured knobs will be the big stars in 2024.

    “Whether bringing in a different tone of wood to highlight beautiful floors or using as a bold accent to pick up a color in a piece of art, fun knobs are on my radar for 2024,” she says.

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    Blue and white kitchen with unique gold handles.
    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Color and whimsical design is having a moment across all areas of interior design and the experts say that kitchen hardware is no exception. Think playful shapes, unexpected pops of color, whimsical motifs, and unexpected placements.

    “Whether it’s vintage, fun shapes, or bold colors, we are about to see a lot more unique hardware,” says Julia Newman, founder and principal designer of Julia Adele Design based in Los Angeles.

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    Kitchen with no hardware on drawers.
    Kate Marker Interiors

    “I predict there is going to be a big trend of no hardware in cabinets and furniture,” says Maren Baker, founder and principal designer of Maren Baker Design based in Boise, Idaho. “It is such a fun way to create a little opening or notch in a fun shape, showing personality and something totally unique.”

    This trend works particularly well in smaller spaces and homes where multi-purpose rooms are abundant. “Eliminating lots of knobs and pulls will make those areas blend and blur with the rest of the house,” Baker says. “When people eliminate hardware from cabinetry they can really splurge where it is more necessary (like on doors).”